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Loveable is a Somerset based social enterprise with a mission to bring some more connection, joy and love into the lives of the learning disabled and neuro-divergent communities.

We are a small organisation with big dreams. We aim to bring people together with our socials, parties and events and encourage our members to form their own friendships and meaningful relationships. We advocate for and empower individuals to make their own choices and live their lives to the fullest. We strive to help overcome loneliness, inspire connection and just have a bit more fun.


Loveable is a membership based service. You can join and pay monthly to be a part of our community. Membership enables you to come to our online and in person socials and gives reduced rates on the extra events and workshops we will be running frequently throughout the year.

relationship support

The learning disabled community are typically left out of conversations surrounding love, sexual identity and romantic relationships. We will help advocate for any individuals wanting to know their rights and explore these areas. We can support you to meet new people, go on dates and form and maintain healthy and consensual personal relationships.

Our vision is to live in a world where everybody has the opportunity to love and be loved.

our values


We give everyone a voice. We acknowledge and value each others contributions. We behave in a way that is caring about how our behaviour impacts others.


we are innovative, creative and courageous in our pursuit of making real difference to peoples lives. We try new things, break out of the boxes and are not afraid to make a noise.


We do the right things, even when nobody is watching. We are fair, honest and sincere. Our words and our actions will match and we will stand up for what we believe in.


We will strive to make everybody feel welcomed, respected and fully able to be their true selves. We will ensure everybody feels safe and valued irrespective of background, identity or other social characteristic.


We believe kindness to be the light in the world. We will always endeavour to speak and act in a kind and compassionate way.

Our mission is to create wider communities in the lives of people with learning disabilities and autism outside of their typical support bubbles. We want to reduce loneliness and isolation by bringing people together with fun and varied social events and experiences. We aim to provide advocacy, information and support for those wanting to explore sexual identity and romantic relationships. We want to bring more life into our community, be champions for diversity and inclusion and put our members voices at the top.

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