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Social Media Assistant

Reports to: Board of Directors
Base/Department: Somerset

Main purpose of role:

Loveable works across Somerset supporting people with learning disabilities and/or autism to access social events and have friends in integrated settings within the community. We are a social enterprise that puts people at the centre of everything we do and values everyone’s unique contribution. 

As an social media assistant you will help create content ideas and a posting schedule based on internal and national events that relate to our companies mission. Working closely with our team you will help to define key moments and create artwork to be displayed across all platforms. 

You will be working remotely on your own device for a minimum of 3 hours a week. You will be sometimes be expected to travel to our socials or events where possible to capture content. All expenses will be covered. You will be part of a fun and friendly  team that meets regularly and you will have support from other volunteers, staff and directors, training, and resources.

Main tasks/overview of responsibilities:

  • Help design a month by month posting schedule.
  • Create artworks based on the above schedule using the Loveable visual language. 
  • Liase directly with external designer for larger projects
  • Get involved, attend Loveable events where possible to help capture footage to enhance your ideas.
  • Be in charge of posting across our social channels. 
  • Be a Loveable brand guardian!


  • You’re committed to putting Loveable’s values into practice.
  • You are creative and have an eye for visual communication
  • This would be a perfect role for a design student looking to enhance their portfolio. 
  • You care about people with disabilities and our charitable ethos
  • You are self motivated and can work remotely on your own device.
  • You have personal experience of using social media. 


  • You can identify problems and know when to ask for support or help.
  • You can communicate clearly, both orally and written. 
  • You have some experience of working within a team and communicating with others in a professional environment. 

Equality and Diversity:

  • Understand individual needs, taking into consideration gender, sexual orientation, cultural and religious requirements.
  • Act in accordance with the policy and procedures.
  • Use correct language and behaviour when representing Loveable and be aware of practice aorund protected characteristics. 

Health and Safety:

  • To maintain health, safety and security of self and others in the venues.
  • Ensure that all work is carried out in line with our policies and procedures.
  • Attend induction and be able to understand basic health and safety procedures. 

Why volunteer?

You will have the opportunity to gain experience in supporting people
with learning disabilities and or autism, so they can meet in a supportive, fun and
encouraging environment. Your input could make a difference to people’s lives, so you may have the satisfaction of seeing individuals feel mutually supported and more confident. This role could also provide you with greater experience if you are looking into developing professionally within the voluntary sector or community work. You will have the opportunity to be an integral part of a team of staff and other volunteers, to support people. Aside from the mandatory courses, there will be opportunities for on-going training and personal development.

Why we want you!

Our events have been created to
respond to the needs of our community who do not have a specific outlet to meet and socialise or share particular issues that may be affecting their lives. Our aim is to create a safe space within our community, so we are looking for volunteers to help support and develop this project.

Due to our commitment to continuous improvement, it is likely that the post will
evolve over time. These duties will be subject to review, any amendments will be made in consultation and agreement with the post holder.